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Horse and Pony Insurance Quote

  • Insurance for horses & ponies.
  • Veterinary Fees: From £750 to £5000 per incident.
  • Loss of Use: Up to 60% and 75% of value.
  • Liability to third parties: up to £3,000,000 per claim.
  • Disposal Cover: Up to £300 Tack cover: Up to £5,000 per horse.

Horse Trailer Insurance Quote

  • Insurance for horse trailers valued up to £20,000 kept at home.
  • Insurance for horse trailers valued up to £15,000 if the trailer is kept away from home.
  • £50 excess on Accidental Loss or Damage to the trailer.
  • £100 excess on Malicious Damage or Theft to the trailer, but increasing to £250 if trailer kept away from home.

Horsebox Insurance Quote

  • Insurance for horseboxes valued up to £60,000.
  • Optional breakdown cover.
  • Options for young drivers.
  • Any driver cover also available.